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  • Sunsetnews Day 32

    Sunsetnews Day 32

    Ahoy, Sometimes strange things happen out here on the ocean.. so let me tell you some yarn. 2 days ago we were drifting in a vast blue endless desert. With no wind, in a dead calm sea. It was overcast and we had occasional sprinkle. It was cold and miserable and the crew was demotivated....
  • Sunset news day 31

    Sunset news day 31

    We had a day off today. With absolutely no wind at all we drifted around in the ocean. After a couple hours the water surface turned into a mirror again. The sun brightened the cloudy sky and let the horizon almost disappear. Sometimes it was really hard to locate the horizon. It got quiet pretty...
  • Sunsetnews Day 30

    Sunsetnews Day 30

    Ahoy, We knew it would come. The forecast was absolute clear about it and now it’s here.. or better said, it’s not here anymore. The wind is gone. With around 3 kn of wind it’s anything but nice aboard ZERO. The sails are still up, there are patches of wind we try to use and...
  • Sunset news day 29

    Sunset news day 29

    The wind is playing us badly today. We are facing horrible 40-50 degree wind shifts followed by quick calms and gusts. In one minute we have 5 knots of wind from 020° and in the other we have 15 knots from 340° all of a sudden. ZERO stops almost every 20 minutes to start her...

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