After the equator crossing this night, we woke up with a beautiful sunrise in the northern hemisphere. But the sunshine didn’t last long. Clouds covered the sky wherever you look and formed quickly to a uniform layer of light grey cotton candy. The crazy squally weather we know from the Dolldrums already starts?! This was a quick change we didn’t expect that short after the equator.
On top we had to deal with some autopilot issues. Luckily ZERO sails like a champ without an autopilot, if the sails are trimmed right. It was the old probleme again. After replacing the old brushes everything worked just fine.
Anyway, now it’s time for some fun entertainment! We watched a good movie and enjoyed the calm seas even though it was cloudy outside.
And you wander what’s the cat doing all day long?
It’s halfmoon and during the pitch black darkness of the first half of the night, lot’s of flying fish decides to jump on deck. Patch is totally going crazy when she hears the flapping sound of a fish on deck so we have to close the companion way during the night. Otherwise she would happily run around on foredeck to collect fish after fish after fish… In the morning we let her do a long patrol to collect all the little fishes and she’s proud like a lioness about her treasure.
Have a wonderful day Fay
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