Ahoy, We’re trawling a lure for days now but had no luck of catching anything. An occasional testbite maybe but it could have been trash or debris as well. Who knows.
When the last watch, my watch ended at 8am I witnessed something I’ve never seen before. A jumping mahi mahi. He jumped out of the water right next to ZERO chasing his prey. The flying fish escape by leaving the underwater world and entering the air world. They can fly quite some distances and we see them all the time. Big swarms of flying fish. They stay close to the surface but I saw them covering distances up to many hundred yards before they disappear in the waves again.
For a predator it must been the same experience. Chasing the fish and suddenly it disappears. Boom. Like magic. But this morning I saw the mahi mahi jumping out of the water, right behind his prey and he was at least 2 meter out of the water. He totally stayed straight, dipped in the sea again and just a second later jumped out again. Wow. What a performance. He didn’t get the fish, not that I’ve seen it but I was stoked to experience that and stood there with an open mouth. Noone else saw it. It was so quick. Boom.. boom.. and gone.
But it motivated me to let out the lure again and spend some time to watch it, adjust it a bit and in my mind we would catch a nice mahi any time now. And guess what. We did. Not directly afterwards but maybe an hour later the reel was singing it’s song and I could reel in a nice mahi cow.
It’s my favorite fish and even we can’t complain about the fish we caught so far on this trip. A mahi was missing. I think I don’t have to mention that we had a feast that day starting with some raw mahi salad for lunch and sushi for dinner.
Fish wise this trip was a full success and the variety of our catch awesome. Bonito in the beginning, than the huge marlin, followed by the Yellow Fin Tuna and now a Mahi. Can it be any better?? I’m super happy I bought two fridge freezer while ZERO was in the boatyard so we can properly handle this amount of fish. Nothing goes bad and Patch, demanding her cut right away had so much she couldn’t walk for the whole day. Especially after she cleans the deck from the flying fish every morning..
We’re getting closer to the Marquesas. This trip might be over soon.. but let’s see what Neptune has in mind before we celebrate that. Aloha Christian
Sent from the Ocean.

2 thoughts on “SunsetNews Day 29

  1. Mahi mahi srr called dolphin fish just for the reason that you described here, they travel in mated pairs and often follow a vessel all across the world.

  2. Mahi Mahi hört sich auf jeden Fall besser an als : gemeine goldmakrele. Schön das es euch gut geht.

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