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During the last years we uploaded quite a number of episodes on YouTube. If you’re interested in a special year, location or topic you’ll find some quick links below..

or you binge watch them all.! But grab a few beverages and snacks, it could take a while.. aloha

all episodes – sailing round the world syZERO

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season 16_sailing adventures

season 15_sailing adventures

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sailing Mexico

sailing Hawaii

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sailing SOLO – singlehanding a sailboat

Ocean Crossings – offshore sailing

refit – maintenance – improvements_work on a sailboat

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  1. OH MY I LOVE your boat, I envy your lifestyle. I am US retired military. You live the lifestyle I have longed for…… seem so happy. I wish I could be there with you for a couple days. I think when times get hard, you need friends like you two……….keep posting the videos and pictures. And reminding me one day I can obtain my dream. God Bless

    “The cabin of a small yacht is truly a wonderful thing; not only will it shelter you from a tempest, but from the other troubles in life, it is a safe retreat.”

    — Francis Herreshoff, Boat Designer

    1. Aloha,
      Thanks for the compliments..
      Maybe there is a chance to come aboard for a couple days..
      Send me an email using the contact button..

  2. Hi Guys thanks for the link to your webiste. As I Already told you I’m looking for this kind of boat myself, could you tell me ( I hope you dont mined I ask this ) How much I can expect to pay for one of these ? and how much did you have to spend to get her sea worthy ?
    I only ask this as then I can have some kind of Idea of how much it will cost me.. Fair ways be with you always. Roy From Wales

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