17-02_This is the END – Rebecca is Leaving!

editing this episode was so hard and I never felt so bad before to upload a new episode like this one..
Yes, you are right. It's a hard piece of bread, but you deserve the truth. It's not always sunshine & rainbows and for us the past couple month were definitely no sunshine. It took quite a while to decide what we publish but now its out there in the depth of the endless internet..
I'm not telling you to enjoy this episode, there is no enjoyment in it, but that's also part of our story so eat it.
Sorry for the bad news!!

11 thoughts on “Sorry for the BAD NEWS

  1. Hi Cristian and Rebecca,
    We have enjoyed your adventures very much and you as a couple.
    We have just launched our yacht Sea Bird on the 25 of May in Cape Town. We will be sailing to Saldanha we we will be preparing for our world trip.
    All the best to the two of you.
    Andre Helene

  2. Living on a boat 24/7/365 days isn’t for everyone – nor is it permanent – either way. Most people have a boat and spend part of the year on it, or wait until they are retired to go full-time.. Maybe the story of your lives will continue apart or maybe after a while a new direction, a new adventure without a boat will happen. Its all up to you two not us viewers; do what’s best for both of you.

  3. This message today was heart felt. I appreciate you sharing your struggles. This really helps me as I evaluate in my heart if the cruising lifestyle will be for me, as I make plans to become a bluewater cruiser. I have to consider the needs of my family and if they want that too, or if they will give it a try. This is a part of my dream and goal that I need to contemplate. Thank you both for sharing.

    1. Ahoy Ron.. thanks a lot.. are you back on the road ?? Did see your interior work on your new van on FB.. great work!!
      If you are close to San Diego.. give me a ring..!! Aloha

  4. Dear Christian and Rebekah,
    We love you.
    In this life change is constant like the weather and you never know for what ever reason change will hit you too. The most important thing above everything is that which makes you happy and LOVE. Follow your hearts. Don’t let anything get in your way, romantic ideas of a life style, or that you can change your own feelings. But be true to your heart and do that which it feels. Follow love where ever it takes you and it will always be the right path.
    Love, RnR

    1. Thanks a lot, hope you are well and we can meet again somewhere sometimes.. yes we follow our hearts and will always be friends, even we live in different parts of the world..

  5. So sorry to hear this guys , can only imagine what you both are going through at this point in time.
    Take care both of you and truly hope that one day soon things will change and Rebekah returns to Zero.
    If you ever end up in Australia , Brisbane , Gold Coast would love to buy you a Rum.
    Fair Winds to both of you , take care.


    1. Thanks.. one day I will drop my hook in Australia.. I’ve been to Brisbane in 1999 and loved it. But it will take a few years.. Aloha

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