Ahoy, We knew it would come. The forecast was absolute clear about it and now it’s here.. or better said, it’s not here anymore. The wind is gone.
With around 3 kn of wind it’s anything but nice aboard ZERO. The sails are still up, there are patches of wind we try to use and gain a few miles towards San Diego. It’s less than 300nm, so close but so far at the same time. Boat speed is down to 1kn at times and I honestly don’t know where that knot is coming from. We don’t want to start the engine. With the calms we had when we were crossing the hurricane belt we used most of our Diesel already. The few gallons we have left we need to get into the bay and dock the boat. There is room for a few hours but it wouldn’t be good seamanship to use that now.
Even though we seem to be in the middle of a major shipping lane here. There are so many big ships around us. They give us a comfortable berth and so far none came closer than 5 miles. Thanks to AIS we have a good overview where they are and where they go. Actually without AIS we wouldn’t know that there are so many at all.
With the actual no wind conditions it takes a few more days. It’s disappointing we could be at the dock already.. Anyway.. Hope your wind is still blowing..
Aloha Cris
Sent from far offshore..

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