Satellite Position

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6 thoughts on “Satellite Position

  1. Looks like you’re making good progress. I took Seafire out north of Kaneohe Bay yesterday. Beautiful sailing, 20-25kts TWS,, was able to hold a comfortable course 000 close reaching at 5.9kts. Hope the bananas start turning yellow soon!

    1. Great.. Your bananas sweetened my day every morning.. I still have 3 left for tomorrow and around 50 in the freezer.. They turned ripe all at once..
      I found a little lizard between them. Named him Lk lizard king. He’s NY companion now..
      I try to catch sine Flys for hin but he’s do tiny the big ones I get are to big..

      1. Good Passage! We were following you online. Glad to hear the Bananas ripened, and a good thing you had room in the freezer. They usually all ripen at once, so we give them all away to our friends. LK sounds like a happy stowaway! he must be wondering why it’s so cold.
        Enjoy your Alaska adventure. We look forward to following your continuing progress!

  2. Fair Winds dear brother!
    Keep me position posted please,

  3. Wishing you a safe passage, Captain.
    Will be with you in spirit and in the internet ocean.
    Is your lady with you on this leg of the journey? I ask because you mentioned “solo” passage….
    Hope she’s on board…. Mermaids are soooo important!

    All the best, ttys, D.A.D.

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