Ahoy, The doldrums are good to us this time. Thanks to the low pressure system northeast of us were still sailing with 6-7 kn in an area where usually calms and squalls paly hide and seek. The wind is blowing from the south now, and we are sailing almost downwind. A different boat movement than the pointing the last two weeks.
And we’re out of the south equatorial current. Man what a bitch! I totally underestimated the current. Whatever we did the current took a third of it. Now we’re in the equatorial counter current and so far he treaded us nice.
A good day from start to finish. Patch had a blast today. She found 3 flying fish on deck this morning and another two this evening. She’s always so proud when she walks down the companionway stairs with the fish in her mouth. I don’t know where shes putting them but she eat them all.
The next few days are going to be exciting. The tropical depressions flying in from the east are coming so consistently that well need a good boat speed to pass between them. So far it works out great. Yesterday we logged 190nm. That’s a new all time record, beating the old by 2 miles. A few more days like these and we’re in California in no time. Hope you watch the stars tonight. They are beautiful.
Aloha Cris
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