I think we reached a point where a day feels more like a couple hours. The sun rises, the sun sets. Day in day out. Time slips through our fingers like sand.
The wind acts like a toddler and shifts sometimes multiple times in an hour. So you often have to wake up during your precious time of sleep to tack. Christian tried his best to shut off the engine as much as possible but the wind is not on our side. Once the engine is shut down the wind starts slowing down again and ZERO starts to stall. And why does the wind always blow from that direction where you wanna go?! We are in desperate need of some steady 13-15 knots of wind.
Anyway it was a beautiful day though! The sea is calm and every once in a while the cloud pattern changed so we could enjoy some sunshine on our skin even though it’s cold. We could actually sit close to the main mast to watch the bowsprit dancing up and down in the gentle waves.
Otherwise there’s not much to say. Our days are pretty much the same since we left. We’ll keep you posted when something exciting happens.
Cheers Fay
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