I left the boatyard..  I launched this morning and am now anchored just around the corner..
I finally got a little sleep last night, but I’m going to have a good nap right now..

This has been some very exhausting  days..
But it’s DONE!!




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2 thoughts on “Belive it or not..

  1. Hi Christian,

    looks like you did it right. Hope that it last a long time until something unexpected will stop you again…but i`m quite sure whatever it will be, you will solve the problem.

    Stay safe, best regsrds from Hauke & Claudia, Nils & Neele

  2. Man what a setback! Feel for ya,, Chris.
    Hope it didn’t broke da bank, too.
    No anti fouling paint for such a long excursion??? –
    tough to go underwater and scrape in freezing high latitudes
    Best wishes, D-Man

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