Ahoy, We had the first squall for days today, not a big one but it had some routine changing effect on us. First I saw the dark cloud heading straight towards us and felt actually relief. Relief that the boat gets a rinse and we can touch things again without having the hand full of salt. The build up got so bad after the last two days sailing with boat speed around 10kn that going on deck wasn’t much fun anymore. So wen the rain started I was actually very happy and watched it for a while.. that brings me to the next routine change. With the dark clouds around us we totally missed the sunset. No red fireball drowning in a wild ocean like the last days. Strange.
Anyway, yesterday we logged 167nm. That’s the best we did in this crossing so far and we’re very close to the equator already. Probably just 2 more days and we knock on king neptune’s door again requesting permission to enter his norther kingdom. But this time we all are seasoned shellbacks already. Let’s hope he remembers .
Wish you all a good day or night whatever your timezones provide you. Fay is on watch and I get some shut-eye now.
Aloha Cris
Sent from far offshore..

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