The wind picked up during the day. We’re finally sailing fast towards our destination, again! The wind is blowing up to 17 knots, with an average speed of 15 knots. So we are able to hold our cruising speed of about 5-6 knots. We actually had to put the main sail into it’s first reef in the evening. It’s always fascinating how quickly the weather situation can change on the ocean.
We can definitely feel that we’re getting closer and closer towards civilization. The fourth boat we’ve seen on our passage passed by yesterday. Again a huge cargo vessel driving by with an enormous speed compared to ours. During the early evening it got really strange. We heard a clear radio call out of our VHF. Wow! That’s kinda strange when you realize that it’s still working! We didn’t hear any radio call for about the last 3 weeks. So it’s a little spooky when you hear someone else’s voice all of a sudden. The curiosity awakened and we checked, if they’re any boats near by. Indeed there where three cargo vessels around us. All of them more than 40 nm away heading for Panama.
Only 550 nm left. San Diego, we are coming!!
Have a wonderful and adventurous day y’all Fay
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