Anything published about ZERO and crew will be listed here. Some articles, interviews or podcasts are in german but you'll find some english press releases as well.

If you want to interview or do any kind of publication about ZERO and crew please feel free to contact us. Same if you find anything published we missed.


Catherine from WDR TV came to visit me at my sailing Club and interviewed not only me, but also my sailing students. During my time back in Germany I fell back into my former role as the sailing instructor from my home sailing club FS98. So if you ever wanted to see where I learned to sail.. here is your chance..


During my time back in Germany, Sandra from the big german newspaper RUHRNACHRICHTEN interviewed me and published my story in a huge article.


Olli from one of the biggest newspapers in germany did a story about me in August 2015, while I was on Hawaii, when he heard that I am in Germany we met for a follow up interview. Like the first article, this one caught the story quite well..

April 2017 RADIO 91.2 DORTMUND

To tell the citizen of the landlocked city Dortmund a story from far offshore, the editorial department of Radio 91.2 Dortmund asked me to come into their modern studio for an Interview

April 2017 RADIO HAGEN 107.7

As soon as I posted about my landing in Düsseldorf, I got a call from Robin. Robin is a reporter with Radio Hagen 107.7. And because this is the local Radio Station of my hometown, where I grew up and build the roots for my adventures, he wanted to share my story with the citizen of Hagen. Out came a nice Podcast..

March 2017 Slow Boat Sailing Podcast

Linus from the Slow Bat Sailing Podcast interviewed me while I was in San Diego and asked me about the whys and hows of my adventures. He has an impressive list of Sailors which he interviewed already..
The interview with me starts at around 23:00 min..


One of our follower put me in contact with Chris from the RV Youtube Channel Chris&G Travel and out came this wonderful video-tour of ZERO, which has over 300.000 views already!!


One of our follower put me in contact with Chris from the RV Youtube Channel Chris&G Travel and out came this wonderful video-interview, which has almost 50.000 views already!!

Januar 2016 GOKIHEI.ORG

After someone connected me with Mike we sat down and talked story. He wanted to know where we are, why we choosed Kihei as our anchorage and what our plans are..

December 2015 GOKIHEI.ORG

Obviously the citizen from Kihei liked us and when we came back after our trip to Oahu the local online-newsgroup asked for more information about us..


When we first got in touch with one of the biggest newspapers from Germany we were quite nervous what it will be, but Olli did a great job telling the people back home in Germany what we are doing..