Ahoy, We left Papeete Harbor yesterday around sunset. We’re now 24 hours at sea and slowly adapt to he ryhtm of the ocean. The wind actually performs as predicted and we are making good east. We sailed over 160 nm since we left, that’s a pretty damn good number. Even though we had the engine running in the beginning to get away from the island and top of the batteries.
With only 1 squall last night we enjoy amazing sailing conditions even though the southerly wind feels a bit chilly. We haven’t done much today. After such a long time in calm waters, with only short legs between the island we need to get used to the constant heeling and movements, that’s tiring so we sleep, chill or nap a lot.
Zero performs amazingly. With full canvas set, genoa, staysail, Main and mizzen we now make around 5 kn in a 7 kn true wind, but pointing with 40 apparent into the wind.. no reason to complain.
Tonight and tomorrow we’re passing between the atolls of the tuamotus so we need to keep a good lookout. The southern part of most of them are just bare reef with no palm trees or other vegetation visible. And hitting one of them would mean the end of our journey. But we’re used to stand watch and the charts are pretty accurate around here..
Thanks for reading and we hope to see you again tomorrow.. same place, same time.
Btw.. check out our amazing predictwind Trackingpage on www.sailingZERO.com and see where we are and what wind we’re facing.. Aloha Cris
Sent from far offshore..

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