Oh My God..!
When I went ashore to talk to the Boatyard and get some information about how to deal with my broken rudder I got shocked about HOW expensive it is to haul out your boat and repair a broken rudder here.. It’s not only expensive! It costs a fortune!


I expected the prices to be high but what I learned today is way beyond that. The whole rudder process can easily cost me 5.000 $ with a strong tendency upwards! I can’t believe it. They charge between 100 and 200$ per day for being in the Boatyard. Depending on how they “measure” my boat.. We payed 150$ per month in Mexico! And Haul out is between 650 and 1.000$. Not to mention the extraordinary labor cost for machine work to build a new rudder shaft..
Compared to that are the material and shipping costs looking relatively cheap even if they are high a s ever..
I was totally depressed after that and on top of this is the harbormaster who’s not giving me permit to use the mooring as long as I have a disabled rudder..
So roughly spoken.. I had a BAD DAY!
Good night.

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One thought on “broken rudder breaks the budget!

  1. This is a huge problem and I am sorry to hear of this.

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