You gave us such a good feeling this morning when we noticed we have over a hundred facebook likes, Thank you very much! Thats exactly why were doing this.. FOR YOU! So you can be parttime sailor without leaving your homes!

here is our new website design.
We spend ages in front of our computers during the last time to get our blog up to date and redesign our website to make it ready for video postings..
AND of course.. produce our first video!

Our way to say thank you is giving you even more stuff to watch.. this time it´s the new webpage release AND the video!

This video is about our time in Guaymas. Anybody who always wanted to know what we did all the month in the mexican desert..? here´s the answer!

It´s our first video but not the last one.. the ones with deep blue water, sunny skies and beautiful beaches are currently under production.. please give us some feedback below..
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