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when I was in Seward I timed it perfectly to be there for the 4th of July Festival and saw the runners competing in the Mount Marathon Race. Impressive how fast they run up the 3022 ft high mountain..
click here for more Info’s on the Race
So many people from all over the world came to see it.. unbelievable how many RV’s were lined up on the shore.
So, enjoy the latest episode..

2 thoughts on “16-16_30.000 tourists in Seward

  1. You Rock, though I was expecting u to be in the pack:) Do you do cardio on board, like burpees?

    1. Ahoy, I do a little workout , unfortunately not regularly, but mostly I’m living an active life which keeps me relatively fit..
      I want to do more when I’m back in the sunny state if California..

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