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We live in a digital world - even on a sailboat - and many of the sailors out there have websites, blogs or youtube channels.
We like to introduce some of our friends..


A good friend from the old days is sailing his beautiful boat NIS PUCK on the baltic sea..


A great documentation about Nike and her boat KARL. Beautiful sailing but hard boatwork as well. Weekly youtube updates about her adventures..

A sailing blog with content of the most beautiful places of the word. Monika and Markus are sailing their beautiful boat NAMBAWAN mostly in the Mediterranean and give all interested sailors the chance to sail with them. One specialty is their huge collection of spot-reports with plenty insider infos..

good companies..

On our journey we meet a lot of people, make friends and deal with little or even big companies. Some of them helped us to proceed our adventures or just gave us a good feeling by doing a great job. We want to share our experience with you and started the page friends & more so you can see how our experience was. Its not about doing any advertising for them NOR do we say anything about companies we had bad experiences with. Just a little ALOHA for the good ones.

awesome company if you need any boat hardware. They have good products for reasonable prices, include a 10 year warranty and the customer service is outstanding!! They replaced our low lead cars without knowing how old they were or asked for a receipt! (they came with the boat)

on the search for a new windgenerator we had contact to a lot of companies. It was a hard decision and after checking and comparing all the facts about their products it was the customer service again which finally convinced us to buy their product.

5 thoughts on “friends & more

  1. Wow, i m speechless. Really great job and abig adventure. Pls let s have contact and stay in touch. And google my name. U will also find a lot. Would be great to hear from u! Best, Janxxx

    1. Ahoy Jan, Ich habe dir ne email geschickt, die ist aber leider zurueck gekommen. hoffe das hier geht durch .. melde dich nochmal.

  2. Aloha captain! Where’s Zero’s location? From Oahu, Hawaii things seem alittle grey, teach out and let’s hear what you’re up to Christian, this is Brian James

  3. Good travels
    We hope to see you again in some distant Anchorage

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