Ahoy, it’s been a good 2 days sailing on the port bow now, but tonight we had the long awaited wind shift. It must been from Kevin which is now around 600nm ENE of us. He sends us northerly winds, a good breeze so we can sail around 040 to 060 degree now. Which is almost right towards our final destination. I know that this will change a few more times with Kevin passing by north of us we’ll get some southerly winds aswell and that we’ll use to make more north. But for now the distance to destination miles DTD are running down quickly, a good feeling.
Talking about feelings. The last day was amazing. Our confidence to avoid the storms is growing. The mystery about the different weather forecasts is solved. Our family provides us with data from the NOAA website and there the predicted storm path was different to our predictwind Information. That confused us.
We couldn’t really understand where the storm would decide to go with these information. But now the mystery is solved. The storm we’re talking about and seeing the grib files on predictwind was NOT the storm NOAA was talking about. The NOAA site had no information about it on the site yet and therefore we were comparing 2 different storms without knowing it. Now, almost 3 or 4 days later the NOAA site updated and introduced the new low pressure system to the world. Hi Linda!
Aha!! Understood. Now the data from predictwind and NOAA are very similar and that gives us the confidence we need to decide on a course to best avoid it but still use them to pursuit our sailing. The bad thing about these tropical depressions is that during them it’s very windy!! But between them there is no wind. That means if we give the first system named Kevin a too big berth we’ll sit in a calm waiting for the next one named Linda to hit us. And we don’t want that.
All we need is reliable weather data and it looks like that with predictwind we found it. Thanks to the Kiwis!!
Despite the weather and course finding drama, everything is good on ZERO and the crew enjoys being out here, surrounded only by water with no other souls than marine life anywhere close. Time is irrelevant and the days are flying by so quickly. Thanks to Fay’s efforts we enjoy the fruits of our provisioning and today we even had vanilla pudding with Kinder chocolate for dessert.. yummy!!
Oh and we jumped the 20 degree north latitude, that also gave us all a huge smile..
Keep smiling world.
Aloha Cris
Sent from far offshore..

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