LAND HOOOO! I woke up from it and when I came on deck I could clearly see land. Wow. A lush green island. Actually looked kinda fluffy because it’s completely covered with dark green vegetation. What a sight. We all enjoyed it and high fives were making rounds through the crew. The island we saw was UA HUKA but NUKU HIVA was visible already as well. A little farther away and not so colourful yet but now we could steer towards a visible object and not just by compass any more.
It took a few more hours to finally reach our destination but sailing along the islands gave us a very good feeling already. When we turned into the Bay at Taiohae we couldn’t believe how many boats we saw. Must be around 50 boats anchored here. We dropped the hook as well and got personally welcomed by cruisers who stopped by with their dinghy immediately. They gave us some valuable information about the local situation. We called customs or better said tried to call but noone answered. They told us to call yacht Services but that call didn’t get an answer as well. One of the other cruisers offered to call Kevin from yacht services and a few minutes later we had radio contact with him. So he’s on it now and we have to wait.
That’s not a problem we were actually hoping we could deal with whatever we have to deal with tomorrow and enjoy our landfall uninterrupted. The music was blasting chill sounds, the beers and cocktails were flowing and for dinner we had grilled marlin burger you would lick your fingers for.. So let’s party.. Tomorrow we deal with whatever we have to but today we’re just having a great time.. Aloha Christian
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3 thoughts on “SunsetNews Day 32

  1. Awesome news, so glad to hear you are safe and sound. Ebeth and I are very jealous. Please give us a breakdown on days under sail vs. motor sailing? How much fuel did you end up using over a 32 day trip? We will be following in your wake in a few years. All the best and –

    Fair Winds,

    Capt. Dan

    PS – Was trying to follow you via AIS but no new information since mexico…

  2. Congrats for a passage well done, and hope you have a good time! Thanks for posting the updates on the vlog!

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