today is day 31, and it will be the last full day out on the ocean.
The Marquesas islands are in front of us and we have only 113 nm left before we’ll drop our anchor next to a beautiful and exotic island.
Today began quick, really quick! I woke up when I suddenly heard big raindrops knocking on ZEROs deck. Which wouldn’t be a big deal if we would have closed the windows and hatches the night before. So I jumped out of the bed and started preparing the boat for a squall. Fortunately it was just rain and after a couple exiting minutes, we all went straight back to bed. This phenomenon repeated during the day with a sudden wind increase from 10 to 20 knots of wind speed. But the beloved naturally freshwater shower didn’t reach us.
And then, Fish on! The reel was singing and Christian reeled in a nice sized wahoo. Wow. That’s the first time we land a wahoo and everybody was excited. With a precise hit we gaffed him aboard. The excitement was bug, wow What a big fish. But hold on. That’s not a wahoo. It’s a big barracuda. Oh no.. ! The excitement made room for sadness. We won’t eat a big barracuda. They are known for carrying the fish poisoning ciguatera. And the risk of getting affected by it is too high. Once you have it you’ll never get rid of it. So we tossed him overboard. Unfortunately he was dead already. We hate to kill fish we can’t eat and should have recognized our mistake earlier but I guess you only see what you want to see and we wanted to see a wahoo, I guess. Too bad.
There was a special sense of mood in today’s scenery. Everybody knew, today would be the last full day on the ocean. With mixed feelings about our coming arrival, we all enjoyed the day to the fullest even though we rolled like hell. It felt like neptune wants to give us a last kick in his territory.
A great and new adventure lies in front of us. A new place, a new culture, a new language and lots of beautiful spots to explore.
After so many days on the ocean it feels kind of normal to be out here. Without land and only surrounded by ourselves we groved into a new rythm and into a new lifestyle. A good lifestyle. We all love it to be on ZERO and we all came closer. We shared new experiences and lots of emotions with each other and we’ll never forget this crossing. Especially not the equator crossing!
After a beautiful sunny day we enjoyed an awesome sunset and a great dinner. The first stars are appearing above my head and the wind feels warm. The waves are calming down a little at the moment and the boat gets a nice and gentle movement again.
Let’s see what tomorrow will bring us. Hopefully a big land hooo!!
Good vibes from Fay
Sent from the Ocean.

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