The wind is playing us badly today.
We are facing horrible 40-50 degree wind shifts followed by quick calms and gusts. In one minute we have 5 knots of wind from 020° and in the other we have 15 knots from 340° all of a sudden. ZERO stops almost every 20 minutes to start her long way up to 5 knots of speed again in the next gust. Neptune is playing a game we can’t win at the moment. We’re only 360 nm away from San Diego but we can hardly estimate our arrival. It is frustrating for us. On top it’s cloudy, with a cold breeze and some occasionally rain. We live down below most of the time and hardly go outside. Patch loves to cuddle more than usual with the colder weather. During our night watches she lays between our legs. Which is amazing cause she warms us as well. I’m that close to make her a little hoodie!
With good and steady wind conditions we would arrive in a little more than 2 days. But with that nasty changing wind we probably need 4 to 5 days to arrive. We didn’t expect such tricky last days of our trip. The motivation is low and we just wanna arrive as soon as possible. The good thing is, we’re still loaded with fresh food! So we could play that game a lot longer than we want to.
Otherwise we’re keeping us busy with good movies and some dice and card games.
Hopefully the weather is changing tomorrow. Fingers crossed!!
Have a good one. Fay
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One thought on “Sunset news day 29

  1. Sorry about the wind playing with you like that, but is sooooo good to know you guys are doing well. Gotcha in my thoughts and prayers for safe travels, God bless.

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