Another cloudless day ends for us on the ocean. Today we sailed cross some of the Tuamotu atolls with wonderful sailing conditions. So we had to keep an eye open all the time, to not hit one of the barely visible outer reefs.

The wind slowly shifted from south south east to south east as predicted and we’re sailing with a course over ground of 35 degrees and a boat speed of about 5-6 knots into the sunset.
ZERO is performing stunningly good upwind with still all the sails set.

We’re adjusting to the rythm of the ocean and the little sea sickness we experienced is gone. Juhuu!!

One more night and we’re out of the Tuamotus. In front of us will be nothing but the big blue ocean. With a little sentimental feelings we’re passing bye all the beautiful sites of french polynesia we’ve visited the last year. It’s not easy to say goodbye but another exciting adventure lies ahead o f us.

We wish you all a beautiful day.
Aloha from ZERO

Sent from the ocean.

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