..all the way down to the Colorado River and because there wasn't anyspace at the campground we had to walk another 3 miles to the clear creek trail. We built our tent in an absolute backcountry area. No facilities at all (and nothing means nothing!) and no one else around. We celebrated Rebecca's birthday with a small campfire, some water out of the bottle and went to bed under a clear sky loaded with a couple million stars.

The sunrise next morning woke us up and we've been on the trail again by 7am. We first had to climb down the 3 miles, crossed the river again and started our way up. Up on the rim (the edge where the canyon begins) the temperature during the night falls below 0, but in the canyon we had around 10 degree Celsius. During the day we had around 25-30 degree Celsius down there.

The way up was very exhausting (oh wonder..). Because of the overnight stay we carried a tent, sleeping bags, sleeping pads, a blanket, food for 2 days and 3.5 liter of water. Altogether around 20 kg!! Divided up to 2 backpacks. Because of Rebecca's birthday (and a couple other reasons ;-)) I took 15 kg on my backpack. While hiking up I felt every single kg draining my muscles. If it wouldn't be enough to hike 13 miles an approximately 1,500 m uphill my left knee started aching and after a while I couldn't bent it without heavy pain. So I hobbled for at least 8 miles slowing us down. Pain went up and for the last 3 miles Rebecca and I changed backpacks. Rebecca was absolutely outstanding!!

At 4pm we reached the trailhead at the rim. Both of us were exhausted but happy. We hiked 26 miles far and made around 4,000 m difference in altitude (down 1,400 m an 500 m up again on Wednesday and 500 m down and 1,400 mup again on Thursday). Actually we feel every muscle (except arms) and these feelings are most ly pain. BUT, we saw the beauty of nature, earned colorful memories and were part of an "one of a kind" adventure we'll never forget!!

Last but not least, thanks for all birthday wishes which arrived me (Rebecca) on various channels

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One thought on “we made it.. (2.0)

  1. Realy amazing pictures!
    I’m glad you stand all without any serious incidents – of what kind ever! But it must have been a great great event, you’ll never forget.
    Up to next time – soon –
    With love Mom

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