Hi fellas! This morning I was up early, it was still dark and I first noticed the moon, every day it’s thinner, it takes longer to rise and this morning it rose only couple of hours before sunrise.
When there was light to see, I began to observe : the boat, the movement of the boat, the wind, the sails and whats around us, the ocean.
The wind was turning more east and we were heading the same direction by the autopilot. I released and then trim a bit the Genoa, watching the reaction, see if I understood what I learnt in these days and probably learn more.
The rest of the crew and the Captain were awake after a while and I started to make breakfast and the pizza dough for what will be our dinner tonight.
Ah, funny this one, Patch wrote on the whiteboard: “chi dorme non piglia pesci”. What?! Can she write Italian? She wrote an Italian famous sentence: “who sleeps doesn’t get fish”.
Actually we didn’t fish anything since a week or so and probably Patch is getting bored to eat the unlucky fly fishes jumping on Zero.
We will get a good one soon Patch, no worries, miaooo.
The afternoon was a classic one, reading a book, playing guitar, do nothing, looking at the map where we are..
Wow, we’re less then a week from Nuku Hiva, I didn’t think that 28 days could go so fast!
I cannot wait to walk on the beach again, go for a swim, maybe a fun surf and then laying down on the sands.
Knowing other people, new cultures and listen to different languages.
I can’t wait to see that crystal clear water, those trees, the combination of green islands and blue ocean, sit on the surf board and be able to see the reef on the bottom and at each duck dive look at it closer, while the…
Ok ok I’m dreaming eheh, I’m not there yet, let’s talk about the present..
Ah, the Pizza!
Oh yes, it’s almost dinner time and everyone is starting to be hungry here, better fire up the oven.
The menu is simple: Pizza Margherita and Pizza al funghi, no pineapple this time!
Sent from the Ocean.

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