In Guaymas we found the marina where we put ZERO on the hard again. We hauled her out and prepaired her for the long period over the mexican summer. That means first of all a lot of cleaning. we washed the whole bilge, the decks, the hull, the sails, the masts, all lines and polished the stainless. Because of the dry and dusty ground where we park ZERO on we didn´t even try to clean ZERO from the dust we just focused on freeing her from all the salt. This took many days but the boat is now free of any salt. we wrapped the hull in landscaping tarp to protect it for the sun and put a watertight tarp over the pilothouse to reduce water coming into the boat and shade the pilothouse to reduce the temperature inside the boat. It´s not raining much in Guaymas so the boat can dry out over the summer. Wikipedia says that the temperatures are getting up to 45° C. The people say its getting over 50°C. We also put aluminium Foil on all windows, left some Water inside the boat and gave everything what melts away. The engine needed maintenance and we put the dinghy on the deck. Guaymas is pretty much hurrican safe but it can get windy from the hurricans further south. So we put everything loose under deck or fixed it properly. We decided to let the batteries connected and let them be charged by the solar panels even when other cruiser recommended to disconnect them. so we hope that the batteries will survive. The other fact was that the bilgepumps are running – if needed – when the batteries are connected. Genua and Staysail are under Deck. Mainsail and Mizzen are still on the boom under the canvas and wrapped with rope to close every hole birds can use to move in.

all this was a lot of work and we needed every minute of the week we stayed in guaymas to finish these tasks.

on Tuesday morning – 3am -we took a taxi to the busstation and jumped in a pretty modern bus to go to tijuana. After 15 hours we arrived there and walked across the border. We expected to queue up for at least 2 hours but we just walked through. The whole procedure took 5 minutes and we were back in the USA.

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