Ahoy folks, Today we’re 1 month at sea. Mai 21st we checked out of Mexico and started our journey. Every day we see the blue ocean and the blue sky. Ok sometimes it was grey with even darker patches but most of the time we had nice and sunny weather.
There’s not much we see out here despite that. Blue is the most dominant color. But it will change soon. We’re two days out from the Marquesas and the green will appear and for what I heard it’s a lot of green.. I’m curious, excited and can’t wait to see the islands coming over the horizon, slowly growing in size and changing from a grey shade to lush green. I had that before when we crossed to Hawaii. But it’s so many years ago already.
Today was a chill day. The wind slowed down to less than 10 kn and ZERO isn’t cutting through the water any more, instead we’re slowly and gently sailing. It almost feels like we’re back in the sea of cortez. Now that wind and swell doesn’t fight each other anymore boat movement got a lot better.
The sun is down and I’m in the cockpit. Alone. It’s my shift and it’s dark. No moon and not many stars today.. nearest land is still straight below our keel but that will change soon.. ALOHA Christian Sent from the Ocean.

2 thoughts on “SunsetNews Day 30

  1. Looks like you are arriving slow to Marquesas! I hope you have no problem entering with the Covid situation. All the best!!

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