The last days in San diego we worked together with Brian to customize the radar Arch for our boat. we bought the arch on ebay in florida and shipped it on a truck to San Diego.
We met Brian who liked the idea what we are doing and helped us until all work was finished.
THANK YOU VERY MUCH BRIAN FOR ALL YOU DID FOR US!!! ( welding during nighttime etc..)

We stayed at the guest dock next to the police dock during the work and saw a bunch of guys playing with a Powerboat, some black ribs with black engines and a couple of jet skies. they started every morning and like good neighbours do, we get in contact to them. They were from the US miltary and were trained to handle a powerboat, entering a beach with steady beachbreak in a rib or running as fast as they can trough the waves on a jetski. Plenty of funny stuff all day long AND paid by Uncle Sam!!!
So the "military guys" were there all day like we were. one day they came along and asked for my diving skills. one of the jetski instructors dropped his phone into the 15ft deep harbour. Because i was working on the arch I gave him my diving equipment. When he asked how much i wanted for it i couldn't resist to say" let me and my buddy take a ride on your jetski." "thats all?" "Thats all!!" Sad that brian missed it but i had lots of fun chasing through, over and in the waves with around 50 miles/hour!!! WOW! Thanks for that ride guys!!

So finally we left San Diego and started cruising.

next stop Ensenada Mexico.

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