Approximately half of our passage from Tahiti to San Diego is over. We already sailed 2300 nm since we left 17 days ago. Right now it feels like we could go anywhere we want.
In the beginning it took a little while to get used to the rythm of the ocean and especially the nightshifts. Sleeping three hours in a row to wake up in the middle of the night to be awake and aware for the upcoming three hours, isn’t that easy. But after a while your body adjusts to it surprisingly good.
So here we are in the middle of the pacific. Hawaii is the closest to us with about 1200 nm of a distance, followed by the Baja california of mexico 1400 nm away from us. There is nothing but the big blue ocean in between.
A light breeze from around 6 knots picked up early today, so we set sails again. Only the mizzen was up all the time to stabilize the boat from the approaching swell. We still need the support of the iron genoa to make as much north as possible to get out of the hot zone for hurricanes. Hopefully the wind will be a little bit stronger tomorrow.
Wish you a great day Fay
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