Ahoy, Another day just slipped through our fingers. It’s amazing how fast the days end. There’s no more wind and we started the iron genoa. During the day the water calmed down more and more and now it’s so flat we can actually see the reflexions of the stars on the water. The forecast we receive from predictwind are amazingly correct so we knew about the calm for days already. Tomorrow the wind should kick in again. From N E and that means we’re going to point into the wind and much as possible again. Trying to make as much north without sailing to the west to much. We’ll see how it works. The currents are pushing us west but with every Mile north that should decrease.
We enjoyed that ZERO was almost leveled today so we cleaned up a little, made some water and Fay prepared falafel for dinner. Yummy
We sailed over 2000nm so far and reached almost the middle of the trip. Depending on how far north we need to sail to find the N wind and how far west we will be by then it’s another 2000+ nm. Huge numbers but we’re so in the boat groove that they don’t scare us.
The tropical storm/ hurricanes are still an issue even though we’re almost 13degree N already. But the forecast looks promising.. 😉
Aloha Cris
Sent from far offshore.

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