Imagine to wake up in a boat. Surprisingly it’s calm, nothing moves and all you can hear is a gentle humming sound of an engine. You go outside and recognize there’s nothing but water around you. The clouds formed to layers and layers of grey fog, covering the whole sky from horizon to horizon. The water is looking like a pot of liquid led moving unrecognizable up and down. Every once in a while it even looks like a huge mirror. A bird is flying with pure curiosity towards the boat and yells a good morning.
It’s dead calm. We have absolutely no wind. Welcome to the desert of the pacific ocean!
Today the wind died completely. It is totally surreal to go outside and watch the horizon. You feel more like being stuck in a big box, than being in the middle of the pacific ocean. We are motoring with around 5 knots of speed straight to north. It seems like the storms suck all the wind in their direction, leaving nothing but a dead zone behind.
After a beautiful calm day to relax our permanently tensed muscles, we drive into the darkness. On top, the ocean presents a truly amazing play tonight. We have phosphorizing algae around us and ZERO is painting her path as a blue ish glow in the water. There was a lot of magic in the air today.
Have a magical day too Fay

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