Today was like a relief for us. The wind changed in speed and direction and the waves are gentle. So we can enjoy being on the ocean again. With an apparent wind angle of about 65 degrees we’re sailing fast…or should I say flying? With 7 to 8 knots speed over ground we are sailing closer and closer towards the equator and out of the annoying counter current.
The spray is splashing over deck only occasionally and we could actually sit in the cockpit for a good amount of time today. What a little fresh air around your nose and a bit of sunshine can do for your mood.
I prepared some delicious calzones for us and patch got her first flying fish during the night! Which appears to be the first fish she caught before we even get one on our plate. Lucky little furry friend!
The first week of many is over and with the changing weather situation we hopefully can find our rythm soon.
Have a wonderful day y’all Cheers Fay
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