Ahoy, A very pleasant day far out on the ocean just ended. Constant winds are pure joy to sail in. When I woke up this morning I could feel that ZERO was still cutting through the water like the night before when I left my station and handed the helm over to Marco. I could sleep the whole night without interruption and I gotta admit that I didn’t show up until 11am this morning. I needed that and Neptune showed mercy.
After breakfast, which was more lunchtime for me, I set the mizzen to assist pointing into the wind a bit better. The current is strong here and we’re been pushed to the west with 3kn. We crossed the 3 degree latitude and will reach the line probably on Wednesday.
We get our weather from predict wind and log onto their server via iridium go. It works great and I’m writing the daily updates over the same network. It’s not like having internet but weather and email work fine. Taiichi has a savi Sattelite connection which has a way better bandwidth. So we can actually Google things if we wanted to. It’s like the old days were a dialed connection was state of the art. It’s way faster than the iridium but not like what we’re used to close to shore either. Of course it’s more pricey so not an option for us at the moment.
The weather forecast predicts steady trades for the rest of our journey and we all hope that that is true. It’s pitch black out there. The moon hasn’t shown up yet but millions of stars are visible so being outside is a pleasure and with 12-15 kn of wind there’s not much to do than counting them..
Patch loves to patrol the deck in the morning and she mostly comes back with a flying fish. Proud like a tiger she’s showing her ‘catch’ and then eats it on the carpet of course..
So all is good aboard ZERO.
Aloha Christian
Sent from the Ocean.

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