Ahoy, The wind is still increasing, up to 27 kn was the highest I saw on our instruments. It doesn’t sound like a lot but in this stretch of water it’s is nasty. The current comes down from the NE with about 2 kn and when the winds go up it creates a nasty confused sea which is super annoying. Zero is handling the wind just fine and she wants to fly, we’re reading 7 to 8 kn of speed through water but only 5 to 6 are actually helping us to reach out destination. The moral of the crew is down and we crave for better conditions.
The whole boat is salty. Everything on deck has a salt crust from the spray. Normally we would be happy to avoid the squalls, but we are actually waiting for one to wash down the boat. But no squalls for the last few days.
I just remembered our experience when we sailed down from the Marquesas to the tuamotus. We were not far from out actual position right now and had the same experience with the seas. I’m going to make a big red cross in our charts to remember me next time we plan on sailing here.
We’re not far away from the Marquesas. They lie around 250nm east of us. But even though a stop sounds promising, it would be straight into the wind, so no way!! we keep going.
Wish you a very calm, not shaking night..
Aloha Cris
Sent from far offshore..

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