Ahoy, Today we made a decision. After I studied the forecast for days now. Watching closely 5 different models over the next 10 days, see how the tropical depressions dominate the windpattern in this area and taking into account that the actual course we were sailing would lead us west, to far west. So we tacked! We’re now sailing straight east. Staying south of the next tropical Depression and as soon as it passed us head north, using the southerly wind of the tail to make a few hundred miles north before the trades reestablish.
It’s actually our first tack on the whole trip and we had to check every cabin to make sure nothing can fly around. After 18 days on the port hull we found quite a bit and moved it.
We’re sailing 35degree into the apparent wind and with every gust we need to adjust the sails. For the night we tied in the first reef, but still heel quite a bit when the wind goes up to 20kn. We’re watching the forecast very closely to make adjustments in case things change.
Despite that, we have amazing sailing conditions. Sunny and dry weather, a good 15kn breeze and a relatively calm sea. A good recipe for some fun out sailing.
We hope you enjoyed your day as well.
Aloha Cris
Sent from far offshore..

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