Ahoy, Do you know that feeling of the day after? I mean after one of these days where emotions, pictures, moments got branded into your memories, for ever. Good days, or better said awesome days. Days where you reach a milestone or had a special experience, what ever that might be at that time. Yesterday I had one of these days by crossing the equator as the captain of my own boat. A dream I had for so many years and my emotions were and still are on a very high level.
The memories of the ceremony, the party and the dinner we had yesterday will forever stay in my head. Surrounded by friends which we just met recently. They have a huge part of the great awesomeness this journey and the last day has and I’m grateful for the experiences we gained together.
One of these days, you know?
So the day after is always a strange day. You still feel part of the high you had but also know that it’s over, yesterday is not today. You talk about it, pick special moments and re-live them. But also you might feel a little hungover. And I don’t mean particularly because you drank to much. We weren’t wasted, we can’t do that out here where we might have to react. But hungover from the overload on emotions, feelings and happyness. The day starts slow, you are actually a little sad that it’s over but at the same time sadness doesn’t fit your overall feelings at all. So it’s hard to explain but I’m sure you know what I’m trying to say here..
We had that day today. Hoved to we drifted north for over 30nm and had to sail again over the line. It took a few hours of course and so it was a slow day. We were hanging around, watching movies, threw in a nap and kept lunch and dinner easy. Crossing the line again was still something we all monitored on the chartplotter, but nothing as emotional as we had yesterday.
The SE trades are finally turning into E trades and we can open the sheets more and more. With just the Genoa and the mizzen left to hoist we’re kinda underpowered and pointing into the wind means we’re heeling a lot. We got used to it and found our way to deal with it. 24/7. In the galley, on deck, on the head or in bed, you need your special technics to cope with the boat movement. Even patch changed her way how she rests to make sure she’s not falling off the settee or slides down the whole floor when one of the bigger waves shows her muscles. She’s developed a position where she’s lying on her back and puts her feet against the fridge door. So she can balance the waves. And she seems to be able to do that even when she sleeps. Like a real shellback.
Now we are sailing with around 100° AWA and that means we’re sailing a bit more upright which makes it all a little easier, but when one of the bigger waves shows up the shuffle begins again. Enjoy your not moving matress.. Aloha Christian
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One thought on “SunsetNews Day 27

  1. Congrats to your journey across the equator. What an awesome experience to have a dream to come true with dear friends to enjoy with you. My thoughts and prayers continue for all of you for safe sailing. I fine until you start talking about the waves rocking your ship, get the quizzies just sitting in my recliner. LOL
    Mark (Tarfoot)

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