I checked in with the Harbormaster quickly before I went to see the Mount Marathon race. Its a run up the mountain and back down to downtown Seward.

Mt Marathon, formerly known as Lowell Mountain is 3022 ft high and every year at independence day the people from all over the world come to Seward to watch or take part at this race. Its not a marathon like running for 42 km its a short run about 3 miles and the fastest runner came in in after 40 minutes. unbelievable when your down in the city and look up to the high mountain. There is still a small patch of snow?ice up there and the fastest or most motivated competitors where sliding down this probably a couple hundred meter long ice patch to be be faster. and they where at least double as fast as the ones who were running besides the patch. BUT.. some of the sliders arrived at the finish line with part of their skin red. ice burned or scratched bloody from the rough icy surface. Most of the men where running topless just in shorts.. (who again said its too cold here in Alaska..?) But there werent only men running they started the womens in the afternoon and in both groups, men and women, where all kind of ages present. Mist impressive for me where the old ones with up to 70 years old.

chekc out more details here if you like.. Mount Marathon Race or go to the seward page

I met my friends Peter and Robin from Maui. They are on a Motorbike tour around Alaska and have around 5.000 miles behind them already. So I offered them a place to stay. Seward is fully booked and the population of Seward rose from around 3.000 to over 35.000 for the 4th of July fest. Most of them arriving in a RV.  Campers paradies!

DSC_0071 DSC_0061

And I finally got a good internet connection to upload a couple pictures from the last days..

Bear Glacier, Seward

DSC_0052 DSC_0041


Barren IslandsDSC_0038

Nice view to the snowy Mountains of the mainland from Barren Islands


Barren Islands


calm like a lake, Lake Pacific



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4 thoughts on “Mount Marathon Race in Seward

  1. That is crazy! I was in Seward from the 28th of June through the 3rd of July taking a Basic to Bareboat six day sailing class before I had even heard of your adventure. Sure wish we could have met up. Stoked as all get out first time actually sailing. I ran out of town to avoid the crazy crowds. In the days before it was crazy, constant ambulances and fire trucks and police cars blaring sirens all the time. I walked the docks a lot looking at every boat. I have sailing fever real bad for about a year. Seems like I remember a sailing ship from Switzerland that looked pretty cool. Haven’t read the rest of the blogs yet, but the Anchorage bullshit was quite a change from the Kodiak experience. Thanks for sharing your adventure. Smooth sailing!!!

  2. Hallo Chriistian,
    Here ist Franz of PARAMITA, remember? Guaymas Fonatur Marina? Penny, who seems to follow your journey keeps me up-dated of your progress across the universe of time….I do hope you stop here in Nanaimo, BC on your way south, and give us an opportunity to show you how a Margarita is properly made north of Mexico! , I have cruised SE Alaska and the BC Coast extensively, and can recommend the Waggoneer Cruising Guide as well as CHARLIE CHARTS OF THE INSIDE PASSAGE – useful -if not absolutely necessary. – Coastal Piloting has its challenges , especially here…
    Once the Pacific High establishes itself definitively you should have a decent sleigh ride down..?
    See you soon and enjoy the ride.
    Salut, Franz

    1. Aloha. Of course I remember..how are you?
      I’m coming down the BC coast in August. Font know yet which route but probably inside Vancouver Island.
      I would love to see your restaurant and try your specials.
      Please. If penny follows our journey. Shoot us a text or mail or Facebook etc..when we’re close to your home.

      It’s very hard for us to track all the hometowns. Many people who follow our adventures ask us to stop at their place and I really don’t wanna miss the chance to see and meet you.
      Is your boat still in Guaymas?

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