Another day another challenge.
We got used to tacking multiple times a day. We have to use every possible wind shift to push us further north and closer to our estimated safety line at about 20° North. Once we reached this latitude we should be pretty much safe of the seasonally storms.
So far we’re doing good! In approximately 10 hours we’ll reach that line and our tensed minds can rest again.
The day started with a beautiful sunset accompanied by squalls circling us. A big pack of clouds formated in the sky shortly after and it started to rain. With a very light breeze and some nasty spray rain we decided to watch a movie in bed. After a couple cups of tea and some good dice games the clouds disappeared and the day turned to it’s bright side.
I was just about to right this days sunset news when I heard a strange noice. The staysail seemed to be loose or something else was wrong up in front. I needed to look closer to recognize that the inner fore stay was dismounted. I woke up Christian and we assessed the scene. The turn buckle came loose so the staysail turned perpendicular to port and leaned against the main mast spreaders.
We changed our course to a downwind course, dropped the sail and remounted the stay. Dispite a little bit of rain we had only about 6-9 knots of wind. It seems like neptune is gentle on us this time.
After hoisting the staysail again we’re back on track. Only 50 nm and we’ll cross the 20° N. And did I mentioned it’s getting cold! After a year in the tropics every mile further north feels like a huge difference temperature wise. We started to wear long sleeves and jackets.
Three weeks passed by like nothing and we’re starting the fourth week on the ocean with a smile in our face.
What an adventurous day!
Let something spark up your day to. Yours Fay

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