Ahoy, Now all of you are cleaned of your crimes, for what you did you wear your signs. Now swear the oath and never forget, to conserve the ocean to serve and protect. To fight for my kingdom whenever I call, and I, NEPTUNE make you my son’s for ever and all.
At 16:50 we crossed the line at 00° 00,000′ / 133° 59,051 and got boarded by King NEPTUNE and his queen AMPHITRITE, looking for Pollywogs, Tadpoles and Landlubbers who dared to cross their border.
For sure they found many as noone of the crew crossed the line before and they held court about us. His oceanic majesties ruled hard but fair and we had to pay our fines for sure. But afterwards they cleaned us from our sins and crimes with their magic brine. So we are all sons of Neptune now and you should adress all of us as SHELLBACKS from now on!
The whole ceremony took longer than expected and with plenty adult beverages in between and an again awesome sushi prepared by shellback Taiichi we had a fun day.
We hoved to for the court hearing and decided that even we drifted back over the line again we should enjoy the calm movements of the boat a bit longer and have dinner hoved to as well. In the end we hoved to the whole night and we all went to bed. Drifting in the middle of the ocean, freshly adopted and welcomed into his kingdom by his Oceanic Majesty KING NEPTUNE we took a night of. The boat moved like being at anchor in an open roadsted with just an occasional bigger wave reminding us where we actually are.
Now a new day just began, we’re still drifting, The boat is slowly waking up. I can hear noises of the coffeepot and the stove got fired up. I slept on deck. Nicely tucked under the dodger, protected from the elements but still very close to them, so I can take a lookout every once in a while.
Soon we’ll set our course again and sail straight to French Polynesia. It’s only 670nm from here and the trade winds will probably push us down there within the next few days. But first breakfast!! Aloha SHELLBACK Christian
Sent from the Ocean.

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