I met Chris the day I came into Seward. One of my YouTube subscribers follows Chris RV Travel blog as well and knowing both of us will be in Seward at the same time he connected  us. Thanks Phillip!

Chris has a very successful YouTube channel and is blogging about and from his huge RV. Check his blog here ChrisAndGtravels.com.


SO he came aboard ZERO today and interviewed me, recorded a little tour on ZERO. (I’m so sorry that he will have a tour of our sailboat on his channel before we even have one ready for you. Shame on me.)

It was very interesting to see how he works and I felt a little like a star when I saw his professional equipment pointed towards ZERO and me. It was fun and Chris, Robin, Peter and me had a nice ‘Salmon a ZERO’ Dinner afterwards. I experimented frying salmon in different ways a couple days ago and found a very tasty version with a crusty garlic egg cover. I tried to do it it again and it was delicious.


We talked a lot about how we edit, record and blog things and shared some travel stories. He started cruising in a van before he bought this huge RV and cruising in a van is something i did a lot before I bought ZERO. It was a very nice evening and ended after dark, which means way after midnight.


Tomorrow will be my last day here and Iwill set sails towards new places..



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  1. I am loving this trip. The remote bays and rugged landscape sound amazing.. Cheers Rivers

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