We had a day off today. With absolutely no wind at all we drifted around in the ocean. After a couple hours the water surface turned into a mirror again. The sun brightened the cloudy sky and let the horizon almost disappear. Sometimes it was really hard to locate the horizon. It got quiet pretty quick and we wondered when it was that peaceful on ZERO the last time.
We decided to relax and enjoy the calm and warm weather with some good music outside. That was the first day we were outside again since a week probably. Felt good to feel the warming sun on my face again.
Later in the afternoon a school of dolphins came by to say hello. We’ve never seen dolphins in that calm waters before. It’s remarkable to see and hear them playing around. You could still hear the splashing water from a jumping dolphin a couple hundred meters away. That was a beautiful new experience.
With a good pizza in our bellies we decided to switch on the engine for a little while to get at least a little bit further out of the cargo vessel lane.
Still 250 nm to go. We did only 80 nm in the last 24 hours and the next will be even less. San Diego seems to be so close. But it’s also so far away on the other hand. Hope a little bit of wind kicks in tomorrow.
Have a good day Fay
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One thought on “Sunset news day 31

  1. Well I hope ya don’t have to break out the oars, that would be a rough job….I’ll pray for a little wind for you.

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