We arrived at ZERO and found her in quite good condition.
Dirty, very dusty, but – for what we’ve seen so far- nothing broken.
We caught some cockroaches with our sticky trap so we’re not alone?

We cleaned up today and probably need tomorrow as well to finish this task.
The good news is that our batteries didn’t cook during the hot Mexican summer and were fully charged by the solar panels when we arrived. But the water we left inside the boat, in buckets or in the bilge, to prevent the boat dry out to much left a big mess!! We put cooking oil inside to ensure no insect live in it and this turned out to be very ugly!
Also did ODILE – the hurricane which destroyed big parts of Cabo- no damage to the boats in Guaymas. just our tarp over the pilot house was torn in peaces.
It’s quite full here, many boat and a lot of people are around. Many people work hard to splash their boats soon. So we’re in good company.
The weather is as expected. Still very hot and dry.

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2 thoughts on “home

  1. Hallo wünsche euch eine schöne Vorweihnachtszeit. Hier läuft der normale Wahnsinn….Weihnachtsmarkt Feiern etc. Liebe grüsse Isabelle

  2. Viele Grüße aus dem erstaunlich sonnigen Herdecke. Ich bin gespannt auf Eure Berichte! Ich wünsche Euch gutes Wetter und gute Laune für alles was da kommt. Tüß Sabine

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