Ahoy Mateys, We have no idea how many of you actually read our daily updates, we’re cut of society out here. Even though we have the Iridium Go to get weather and email, the bandwidth doesn’t allow any internet or social media. So we’re on our own. And it’s great and we hope you enjoy reading about our daily life here..
We missed Kevin, witch is great, because Kevin was a tropical storm or even a hurricane a few days ago. But it’s sad as well. We planned to tailgate him and enjoy some downwind sailing, straight into the right direction. 💪 but he’s gone. Died over cold water like an icecube in the sun. And all he left us is a huge calm.
Anyway. We do have a good engine and make more north now. Getting as far away from Linda as we can and hope to catch the trades as soon as possible. 2 things I indeed underestimated when planning this trip. The first is the strong currents in the south pacific, these nasty bastards really gave us a hard time. And second the amount of low pressures, or tropical depressions some even turn into Hurricanes cruising these waters. In my research I learned there would be some, and that it might be necessary to change course to avoid one, even wait further south to let it pass. BUT they were coming like ducklings in a row, every week another one, very consistent. So we needed to adjust the plan and go between them. And guess what. We made it. Linda is supposed to stay below latitude 20N and we’re above 22N already, with another 3 days before Linda would be close to our Longitude. We did burn a bit more fuel than we hoped, but at least ZEROs tanks allow for it.
So with that huge topic of our shoulders all we have to do is enjoy every moment of this adventure. Enjoy the little things and take the time doing it.
With the stars blinking through the clouds more and more we wish you all a wonderful little thing to enjoy and remember..
Aloha Cris
Sent from far offshore..

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