Hi folks,

we made it.
After spending hundreds of hours we finally finished our new page.
You´ll find the new page in a completely new design with lots of fetaures and functions the old page couldn´t provide.
At this point we want to thank our friend Torben for his unbelievable help by creating this page. Without him most of the page wouldn´t exist. Thanks a lot, Torben!

Biggest improvement, except the better design, is that you can subscribe to our page so you will get an email everytime we post something new. We found this very important, because we can´t post in a regular rhythm and visiting our page without any new information on it is very disappointing.
Also very good is the logbook. Here you´ll see in what part of the world we are. Now you can click on the map and read our posts by knowing where we wrote it. Or you can hoove the mouse over the coordinates on top of the post and a small map will pop up.
If you like you can leave a comment to our posts or send us a mail by using the "contact" link.

After some of you find fault with our galleries you will love them now.

We hope the page will work as our centre of communication during our travels and anybody who is interrested in what we do and where we are can use this page to be informed and stay in contact with us.
Take your time to make yourself familiar with the new page and let us know how you like it.

Christian + Rebecca

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4 thoughts on “the new page is online..!

  1. Hello, I met you both at the San Diego West Marine store. You were getting supplies for your deck refinish. Dort habe ich meine Deutsch geübt! I wish you good travels and look forward to visiting this website. Jim

  2. Hallo Rebecca und Christian,

    congrats on your new site. It looks really cool!
    We hope you will make it soon to Zero and that Odile has not been to rough on her.
    Schöne Grüsse von der Zander family.

    1. thanks.
      odile missed guaymas, but close enough to send some strong wind and rain to guaymas. Zero didn´t get any damage except the plastic tarp on top got some cuts.
      I read your blog and find it awesome.
      Did you see your Pic in the San Diego post?

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