Today was another day full of decisions. Where’s the right way to go with the possibility of a facing storm? Can we hold our course without the iron genoa?
The wind situation right now feels exhausting. The wind is shifting a lot and it’s only about 8-12 knots strong. Not enough to sail as close as possible upwind with ZERO. We gain in speed, reach our 5 knots of cruising speed and then an occasional bigger wave bumbs into the bow and we slow down again and begin to stall. We played that game the whole night and day. Oh what a joy!
We tacked twice today to see how close we can sail on the other beam. Patch was truly distracted cause her home leaned over to the other side all of a sudden, followed by the counter reaction to the same beam we sailed on again, cause the course didn’t satisfy our plan. She jumped quickly under the bed and only sneaked out if everything was kinda steady again.
For us it was exhausting, too. You sail on one beam for about 3 weeks and your body grows into it. It takes a few days to get back into that mood when everything leans over to the opposite side.
On top we have to work a lot with the sails and with our course to reach the best performance. So no quick napping during the night shifts for us at the moment…
Hopefully the wind decides where he wants to blow soon.
Oh and hey! We had a little passanger yesterday night on the boat. A booby bird decided to make a Pyjama Party in our cockpit! He slept on top of the cushions the whole night. It was crazy how much he trusted us. We could handle the sails and stand in the cockpit, while he enjoyed sleeping on a blanket. It was probably the most comfortable sleep he had in month, or even years. He flew of this morning and left us some stains as a “thank you” present. Mother nature will never stop surprising me.
Have a wonderful day Fay
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