Sunsetnews Day 32

Ahoy, Sometimes strange things happen out here on the ocean.. so let me tell you some yarn. 2 days ago we were drifting in a vast blue endless desert. With no wind, in a dead calm sea. It was overcast... Read More

Sunsetnews Day 18

Ahoy, Today we made a decision. After I studied the forecast for days now. Watching closely 5 different models over the next 10 days, see how the tropical depressions dominate the windpattern in this ... Read More

Sunsetnews Day 14

Ahoy, The doldrums are good to us this time. Thanks to the low pressure system northeast of us were still sailing with 6-7 kn in an area where usually calms and squalls paly hide and seek. The wind is... Read More

Sunsetnews Day 8

Ahoy, We had the first squall for days today, not a big one but it had some routine changing effect on us. First I saw the dark cloud heading straight towards us and felt actually relief. Relief that ... Read More