I am Taiichi from Japan. I started my around the world journey starting last January from Tokyo. I usually fly a lot for my business using commercial airlines. However I decided not to use airplanes this year. So I took lots of buses, trains, ships to cross Asia, Europe and North America. I even ride on a huge container ship carrying 7000 containers to cross the Atlantic Ocean. Now I am on board SY-ZERO for my journey going to cross the Pacific.
My first week on board Sy-Zero is filled with so much fun and unique experiences.
Today, our yacht is still anchored in the Socorro island. This morning, there were around ten Mexican military members swung by on a small boat near us waiving hands at us. They are probably having a sunday excursion on a small boat and curious to see our yacht. We waived our hands back to them.
The next visitor was a huge sea turtle appeared suddenly next to our yacht circling around us. It seemed to me that the turtle came to greet us with a message from under the sea. According to the Japanese ancient story, turtles are the messengers coming from an underwater paradise castle called Ryugujyo so I felt like the turtle was calling us to come to the underwater castle.
After a fantastic morning smoothy drink made by Juan, we moved to the south west side of the island. We found a nice cove with a beach and decided to explore the beach. Just before going to the beach Juan made us a nice ceviche with tostada for lunch using our freshly caught merlin few days ago. It was really good meal as the best time to eat the fish is usually after few days after the fish gets caught. The fish becomes really tender and more amino acid produced inside the meat.
The best part of the day was going to the beach. We found an another beautiful cove with nice beaches just across where we ancored the Zero. The beach was just so amazing with white sand and crystal clear blue water and gentle waves coming into the cove. If there is a heaven exists in this world, probably this must be the place. We explored and enjoyed so much on this beach and a hill next to the beach. It is simply a relaxing moment just before the long sailing journey taking many days coming ahead of us. I made a small castle using sand on the beach and left it for a turtle to explore.
After back on the Zero, Fay and Christian made us a nice fish and vegetable BBQ with hummus. It was so tasty we did not even have any leftovers.
The day is filled with so much activities. I will have a good sleep tonight for sure and I will dream of the Ryugujyo.
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