Ahoy, When you grow into cruising modus or better said crossing modus, you’ll forget about time. It’s so irrelevant. The next destination is 2500nm away so who cares what time it is?!
We left Socorro this morning. Set genoa, main and staysail. The wind is slow and pushes us right above autopilot speed. The boat is less moving than yesterday at anchor. It’s a beautiful sunny day with only a few small clouds at the horizon. Socorro is still well visible even though it’s getting smaller and greyer every hour.
The team is chilling in various spots. It’s amazing how well we can spread apart or gather up on ZERO. As you like it. The speakers are singing Led Zeppelin songs and I can start smelling dinner getting closer.
What a day! Again! I mean the last few days were perfect days! All of them. One better than the other. Everyone unforgettable with a huge highlight but also so unique. Sharks, Marlin, giant mantas, huge seaturtles, we had sharks circling the boat most of the time they were so curious, seacliffs and caves and so on.. and than this beach yesterday. Amazing! Absolute amazing!
And now we’re heading straight into the biggest patch of water on earth with a perspective of calm winds and fair seas (;-). We’re not fast but hey it’s so comfy I love it. Perfect sailing.
The smell of roasted onions with garlic makes its way to me and I swear I saw some huge marlin filets in the galley earlier. We eat on ZERO like kings. Lots of fresh fruits, veggies and of course the fish we caught. Fay said we can live like that for another week before were running short on fresh stuff . So let’s do it..
Hope you have a great time and enjoyed this day as much as we did.. ALOHA Christian
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2 thoughts on “SunsetNews Day 10

  1. I‘m glad to Hear That you guys are well and u are enjoying yourself in the boat. Summer is coming in Germany and we are Meeting with Friends Again,, After a Long time of Social distancing and it Feels just great to see the people you love again. Looking forward to read / see more about your sailing adventures.
    Have a good time

  2. So glad to hear you are doing well and enjoying your travels! I have been in California during this pandemic, but am heading back to Maui this week. The cove will never look the same without zero being there. Look forward to the day that you return to Maui!

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