Hola I’m Juan from Mexico, I’ve been on the road for a while and just got repatriated from Uruguay. I was doing a South American trip all the way to Patagonia. So I spent some time with my family back in Guadalajara where I grew up. I contacted ZERO a few weeks later after my arrival to Mexico, didn’t expect this was real, just the idea of crossing the pacific was unbelievable. The captain told me to be ready in a week, so I pack my stuff and arrived in La Cruz de Huanacaxtle where ZERO and the crew were waiting for me.
Adventure started! I couldn’t believe this was for real, with all what is happening at the moment.
It’s morning, time to wake up and get ready for the new day. I already lost track of time, days aboard ZERO are so much fun that you don’t have time to realize what day of the week is. It’s Fay’s turn on the galley. We started the day with an amazing breakfast, eggs, mushroom, soy and spinach accompanied with fresh papaya. Couldn’t be better!
We set ZERO ready to change position, we wanted to explore more of the Socorro island so we headed south to another dive spot. On the way we could see big waves, Marco and the captain were thinking of surfing those waves, maybe not a good idea so we continued with our track and saw the military base with a huge battleship. First sight of the island you think it is inhabited but it’s actually a Mexican military base.
We arrived in Lava bay, there was some problem with the water maker so the captain change it and fixed it, we all had a quick snack before putting the dingy down and head to the point in search for big mantas and whatever marine life we could encounter. Right away we were swimming with 4 medium sized sharks, they were very close to us, was really exciting and full of adrenaline. We all kept singing to attract mantas, but no luck this time. On our way back to ZERO, we saw more sharks. Fay and I decided to stay a bit longer in the dingy and have a closer look, this time the sharks were really close. I put on my goggles, immersed my head into the water to see them and BOOM! I almost touched the shark’s face. It was scary and exciting at the same time and I was tempted to go and swim with them but changed my mind. Maybe tomorrow!
Sunset is coming and the galley smells very good, this time we had curry. It was so good I had to repeat. Food on ZERO is better than just amazing, with all the different nationalities onboard and all the freedom we want, possibilities for a good dish are limitless. Goodnight Juan
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2 thoughts on “SunsetNews Day 8

  1. Ánimo mi sobrino aventurero te mando un fuerte abrazo

  2. Ánimo ,mi aventurero , me imagino , la adrenalina ,y creo para ti es mucha vida y esa es tu vida ,aprovéchala al máximo, que no todos ,tenemos ese espíritu aventurero, muchas felicidades, y mándame muchos videos ,para que me hagas conocer aunque sea de esta manera, te mando un fuerte abrazo

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