Ahoy, Have you ever been to Socorro Island? The water is unbelievable clear. We dropped the hook in 110ft of water and could see the anchor go down almost all the way. What a difference to the last anchorages where even in 20ft of water you loose sight within seconds. Not here.
The island is rugged. Not many trees and the rocks are very colourful ranging from grey to brown, sometimes yellow and even red. Where we anchor there are high seacliffs and even right next to them you can’t find any bottom. Deep water, clear water and lots of marine life. A small group of Crevally’s is hiding under the boat and chases everything we donate to them. There’s a cliff hook right next to us and it extends a few hundred meters into the ocean with beatiful coral reef surrounded by various species of colourful fish. The cliffs have some very amazing drawings on it. It must have been from the Lava, which invencreated that island. Looks like flowers caved into the rock. The spot is called Cabo Pierce and it’s known as a good diving spot. We went for a snorkel trip, wanted to see the giant mantas and rhe sharks. First thing I saw when I dipped into the warm water was a small whitetip shark. Just about 3 feet. And more sharks followed soon. What a great feeling to swim with them. A little further at the point we saw a few bigger sharks. Some whitetips and I guess some silky sharks. They have such an unique way to swim you’ll recognize them immediately. They are curious and careful at the same time.wantungvtinchecknyoubout but don’t come to close either. The whole crew was in the water, enjoying to dive in water you can’t even see, like flying around in space. Visibility was probably way over 100ft, but still no ground. There are so many seawalls down there and they’re going so deep that I need scuba equipment to explore more of them.
But freediving with a bunch of sharks filled our brains with so many memories already. We didn’t see the giant mantas even thought we were all singing under water.. singing is supposed to attract them. We try tomorrow again. Maybe a different song??
There are no other boats around. We only saw a panga cruising around, but no other dive boats. It’s late in the season and the lockdown probably still holds the diveboats away. Good for us on one hand but we hoped to see at least one other boat to maybe get our divetanks filled. We carry 4 tanks which is not enough in a spot like that. Maybe we see some on the south side.. and if not, we just continue freediving.
Aloha from an underwater Paradise. Christian
Sent from the Ocean.

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